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Swimming Pool Cleaning

Having a swimming pool is a large investment and with the economic environment the way that it is, every penny counts!  We at WOW Pool Cleaning are here to protect that investment and to offer you a quality service you can afford, whilst allowing you the time to enjoy the benefits.

As a local family run business our aim is to create a healthy swimming environment for you and your family.  We are CPO Certified and are members of the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Pool Cleaning Package - 

  • Includes all chemicals needed.
  • Two visits per week in the summer months (April-November).
  • One visit per week in the winter months (November-April).
  • Ph and Chlorine tested.
  • Skimmer baskets emptied.
  • Vacuumed.
  • Surface skimmed.
  • Health and Safety inspection. 

In addition once a week the following are completed:-

  • Full water test.
  • Scum line / water line.
  • Basket/pump checked and emptied.
  • Backwash as and when necessary.

Whilst our pool cleaning service is being carried out the swimming pool will be closed. No patrons or guests will be allowed in the swimming pool until the service has been completed. 

We would also kindly ask that any pets are securely locked away so our technicians can work freely. 

Please feel free to CONTACT US for more details or a FREE no obligation quotation.